20 miles! Ice please…

1 Oct

Its been a while since my last post- life’s been a little busy…

After the Philly Half marathon I had to jump right back into my training – the NY marathon is 5 weeks away- 33 days to be precise! My sprints jumped from quarter milers to half milers which are pretty rough! Here’s the breakdown of my last 4 runs at the track:

First set of 800’s, I thought I was going to collapse after the first quarter mile..

We went back to 400’s for one more week .. now the rest of my schedule only has 800s

Compared to week 1 of 800s, I improved my time quite a bit! 🙂 My last set was 1 second faster than my first set of week 1

Here’s last week’s splits- pushing through that second lap doesn’t seem to get any easier each week!

I was getting a little worried about my long runs.. I had a 16 miler scheduled for last Saturday which I ended up missing so the following Tuesday I tried to run it at night. I kept a decent pace but it got dark so I cut the run short to 12 miles. When I set out to run, it was day light but I guess winter is rapidly approaching and the days are getting shorter. The sun set before I was even at the halfway point

I really enjoy running along the West Side Highway – its so much less crowded than Central Park and way flatter! I also love being able to run along the water the entire way, its so pretty. I eventually got North of the George Washington Bridge, at which point I felt it was probably wise to head back south since it was getting pretty late- I snapped a picture of the bridge before heading home:

George Washington Bridge

After only completing 12 miles on Tuesday I spoke to Coach Jay to see what he suggested doing the following weekend since race day is approaching and the most I had run at that point was 14 miles! He told me to try running for 3 hours straight and see how many miles I completed…

20 miles later…I’m feeling much more confident mentally about the marathon. I’m not saying its going to be a breeze, but it feels a bit more attainable now that I’ve run one 20 miler!

I took a few pictures along the way:

Freedom Tower

After running the 20 miles I tried my very first ice bath and although it certainly was freezing cold, I definitely felt the benefits the next day.

I would have thought that 10 lbs of ice would have been sufficient, but it all melted almost instantly. I’ll have to stack up on ice before race day!

I was expecting to be sore for at least the rest of the weekend but come Saturday my legs felt pretty great. I had no problem walking up and down stairs as I usually do after a long run. I was pleasantly surprised! 🙂

Here is the breakdown of my 20 mile run:

Finding a place to run 20 miles in NYC was not easy.. sure, I could have run 3 big loops of Central Park for 18 miles and finished the last two on my way home but I didn’t want the monotony to affect my performance. I decided to go to the West Side Highway and run North for four miles before heading all the way down to Battery Park and then back up. I finished the last 2 miles running through Times Square. I knew it would be crowded with tourists but it felt great to be running through the heart of New York and after 18 miles I didn’t mind if my pace was slightly slower because of all the people.

Here is a map of my run:

Looking at it on a map makes me realize how far I actually ran! One day I think I’ll try running from the West Side Highway over to the FDR.. I’ll also have to explore Brooklyn- I’m sure they have some nice running paths.

Whats your favorite place to run?


4 Responses to “20 miles! Ice please…”

  1. Laura m October 1, 2012 at 9:23 pm #

    I am so impressed with your effort and determination. Not everyone is born with the se drive and commitment you have!! Running at night is something that scares me so I avoid the dark! Also because I have really bad eye sight! I love running along water because it gives you a chance to see nature at its finest! The air is so fresh and typically there is a great breeze!!!

    • fabienne001 October 2, 2012 at 9:23 am #

      Thanks Laura! I wish you were closer so that we could still run together! I had so much fun training for VA with you. I’ll have to hop on a plane to come visit soon, hill work in San Francisco sounds like a real workout! I’m running 9 tonight, wish you could join me!

  2. Rhondell October 1, 2012 at 11:39 pm #

    I used to like to run a lower loop of the city- across 14th to the west side and then all the way south, around battery par and back up the FDR to 14th or 23rd and back home. Such a pretty run- so much to see I wouldn’t even always use my headphones!

    • fabienne001 October 2, 2012 at 9:25 am #

      That sounds awesome, I’ll have to give it a go!The Battery park area is so pretty – I really love running there. As for foregoing the headphones, I don’t know that I’m brave enough for that quite yet.. maybe if I were in the mountains somewhere with fall leaves but even then.. I feel a bit lost without my music 🙂

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